High Pressure Hydro-Blasting

Wet/Dry Vacuum Service



Tank Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning

Degassing Service

Specialty Line Cleaning

Surface Cleaning

Spill Response

Pipe Stripping

Confined Space Entry

Turnaround Management

Our Hydro-Blasting Fleet consists of the following:


  • 10K 20K & 40K pumps for any requirement
  • Hot water pressure washer trailer units
  • 2D & 3D nozzles and tips
  • Rotating hose devices
  • Lance Machines

Our Vacuum Fleet consists of the following:


  • DOT liquid vacuum trucks.
  • Air machines for wet and dry applications
  • Liquid Ring machines for low flash point materials
  • Stainless steel construction for corrosives
  • Sewer cleaning machines

Operational Safety

Holeshot follows ISO 9000 safety guidelines to minimize hazards exposure for its employees and the public:


  • Crews inspect and  ensure that correct equipment specifications are met for each job, and  obtain Safe Work Permits (if applicable)
  • Personnel are required to use protective equipment appropriate to each job
  • All  operators are trained in procedures for proper risk assessment of work  areas, evaluating the potential impact on the environment, workers, and  the public
  • A  pre-service and operational checklist is utilized, and all jobsites are  secured by visible physical barriers and monitored by a Safety  Attendant (if applicable).