About Us

Who We Are

After  working for large corporate cleaning contractors for many years it  became evident that change was needed in the Industrial and commercial  cleaning Industry. Specifically: personnel retention, equipment  condition,training, and all around communication.

We  take pride in the level of experience and professionalism of our  employees. We have a combined 90 years of experience in our field. We  know that employees make or break the success of any organization.  We  take care of our employees. We think and act as a team with a common  goal to serve you the best we can.

Experience You Can Trust

  •   Superior results: proprietary practices and advanced technology delivers unparalled results
  • More experience: teams led by seasoned managers and technicians with years of experience
  • Shorter downtime: we deliver faster completion times so you get back to business

Our Mission

The  mission of Holeshot Services is to define a higher industry standard of  services through better technology and efficiency. We strive to  implement environmentally safe applications and best-practice safety  procedures throughtout all operations, while enriching client  productivity.

Our Initiative

Our driving force is simple "Provide the quality of service you yourself would expect"

We  know how to provide this level of service, as we have all seen  first-hand, "how to" and "how not to" perform. We may not be the  largest, but we are the best because we continuously focus on and  improve our key competencies.

Learn more about holeshot services

Holeshot  understands that choosing a competent and experienced hydroblasting  company is an important decision. That is why we invite you to learn  more about us and the service that we provide. Join other satisfied  clients who have chosen Holeshot and call us today to discuss your  project needs and receive a quote.